Ten things x Paris



Paris, a city that has everything. Both the good and the bad. A place that has remained relevant throughout the revolutions of centuries and technology. For the dreamers, the innocent, and the hopeful they would see this city as the ultimate melting pot of all things magical and beautiful but for the realist however, one knows that this ville too has its faults. Perhaps this is what makes Paris sublime, it remains unapologetic and true as it goes through its phases. It embraces its beauty equally as much as its flaws. Some may consider it as  beautiful, as a disaster, or as both that has withstood the test of time. Regardless of whichever truth one shall believe, Paris will always be one of those rare places where it has found refuge in its bewildered chaos. And nothing could be more lovely, stimulating, and forthcoming than that.

  1. Go along the rues of Saint Michel and visit a boulangerie at 7 am and do try to order in french; Bonjour! Je voudrais un pain de chocolate et un café aussi svp! 2. Step and make a wish on point zero and light a candle at Notre Dame 3. Go on a bateau and take the sunset cruise along the river seine (5:30 pm during winter time) 4. See thrilling views of Paris and the old world through a clock by going atop the Museé d’Orsay 5. Take a break and people watch while sitting on the metal chairs of Jardin de Luxembourg 6. Eat french macarons at Pierre Hermeé 7. Frolic around and go up and down the noir et blanc art installation at Palais Royale 8. Have raclette and fondue at quaint bistros and restaurants during dinner time 9. Walk along Parisian ponts (bridges) at the right bank during sunrise or sunset 10. Take a coffee break at Angelina or savour their rich Chocolate chaud.

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