Whimsical Destinations


You are but an outsider in a foreign land. Thrilled, anxious, and hopeful all at the same time, should there ever be a stranger concoction of an emotion to exist. An adventurer, a traveller, an explorer, or a tired soul perhaps all seeking solace and comfort in different ways. One can only do so much and little in between while surrounded by things old and new. Undeniably however each soul is driven by intentions to grow equally as profound and simple.

There is an art to travelling that I have yet to master in order for me to maximise and know the persona that exists within each nation, more importantly the person that it creates. Ten things perhaps is a representative of that, a brief and concise list of vivid memories and experiences per destination that have left an impact on me and hopefully one that we’ll share altogether. From the beautiful provinces of the Philippines to Japan, to hidden beaches and the charming Rues of Paris. This list intends to bring forth a rush and excitement that can compete with the worlds whirlwind romances between nations and its citizens altogether.


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