Postale Series

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Writing and composing letters have always appealed to me. I’ve always considered it as an art really not measurable by skill, composition or grammar alone but of thought, style, storytelling, and more importantly intimacy as well. There is nothing more beautiful than a well composed sentence conveying every thought, feeling, or pining that you entail in that discreet moment of your life. Letter writing immortalises the human experience in the most lyrical and pristine of ways.

I have thought long and hard on which form or medium I would make my travels and adventures into, which mementos would I most identify myself with? In the end I always gravitated towards things that would remain relevant through the course of time but at the same time I’ve constantly believed that it should be also representative of the kind of person and traveller I was in that time being.

In this modern age where the impact of technology and social media influence is undeniable there have been quite the number of approaches individuals take to brand their escapades and adventures. From distinct photography poses, to personal hashtags (which I’m guilty of > < #katsuadventures), or branded filters and banners. Everyone has been quite diligent in making their travels and explorations count.

Perhaps it is the Old soul in me, that I find myself and have decided that I would write letters instead. Yes, long, lengthy, and telling ones that specifically chronicle Who and Where I was before, during, and the trip after, along with When and What things have transpired during such escapades that contributed to the changes and transformations as the time progressed along.

The “Postale Series” is my version of the tell-all tale of how one Town, City, and Country to another has treated me from the good to the bad, the unperceptive to insightful, the dull to the exciting, and the non ambiguous to the downright mysterious. Let such letters not only be bravely written about but be told as well. For they shall remind us both— of wonderful discoveries, necessary misadventures and heartbreak, renewed faith in humanity and the kindness of people, and the humbling but relevant lessons that travelling brings forth. Each memory shall be kept sacred through a single but befitting word, each experience shall be described in a well composed prose, and the entire journey shall be vividly remembered and wreathed beautifully through one letter of love, loss, and endless longing for a Town, a City, or a Country this little miss once knew and went about.


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