Coming Across Guimaras

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I have always come to know it as the island across my school with the cross on top of the hill or the island that marks the near end of my ferry ride as Im cruising along the Iloilo straight. The island of Guimaras takes on this image of a gentle giant with endless secret destinations that have yet to be explored.DCIM100GOPRO

Whether you’re up to go on exploring the islands or out for a dive to see its luscious marine life. This discreet island destination boasts of activities for the young and old.

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Having rich cultural history as seen from the ruins of Old Spanish Colonial Lighthouses to quaint little chapels on top of the hill that date back to post World War.

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Guimaras and its hidden gems shall be for now known as one of those island destinations where you literally go on the off beaten path.


For is it not that the most difficult of treks often lead to beautiful destinations, unforgettable stories, and sublime experiences that would last and possibly surpass our lifetime?

(1. Guisi lighthouse, 2. Manggahan Festival during May, 3. Hike onto Balaan Bukid, 4. Go swooshing with the windmills, 5. Dive onto the docks, 6. Pray inside the chapel on top of the hill, 7. Gather calachuchis as you trek up, 8. Eat Mango Pizza)


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