Chasing after Kyoto

Visit the Kiyozumi dera, a temple known and frequented by many, with known tales of having heroines jump from its highest point and considered immortal when survived.

Call me old fashioned but Ive always found old cities to be beautiful and mysterious, more importantly I can’t help but have a deep appreciation and admiration for them because undeniably it is extremely difficult to stay relevant and genuine as time hastily sets up shop and transports us into another era.

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Write your wishes and hang them up on wooden panels by their temples

Kyoto I must say is one of those cities that have seamlessly and elegantly fused old world charm and modern adaptations. Though seemingly meek and modest this city has made me traverse endless routes, uphill hikes, and had its fair share of beautiful surprises.

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Walk by looking down and scour the city’s streets for their street plates each designed specifically to fit what the city is best known for.
Walk by quiet alleys and chance upon Maikos hastily yet gracefully walking to their next destination.
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Treat yourself to some seasonal treats such as red bean and sakura mochas.

From scenic routes, odd tasting seasonal treats, and surprise Geisha and Maiko appearances by quiet alleys along with tourists frantically chasing after them. Kyoto depicts the modern day tale of the new going after the old.

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Count the endless tori’s donated by Japanese Enterprises asking for good fortune.
Draw your fotunes from wooden boxes and hang them onto metal wires if they don’t come out as promising but if they do tie them up on fabric strings instead.
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Literally clap your hands, throw a 100 yen coin, bow respectfully, make a wish, and ring the bell.

Surrounded by endless temples that sometimes incur a fee or rely on donations, Kyoto is perhaps Northern Asia’s take on a temple run for its Southeast counterpart.

Known as the Pure water temple, cleanse yourself and choose among the three rivers to drink from that each promise love, longevity, or fortune.
Walk or Bike around the paths of the Arashiyama  Bamboo forest and appreciate how the light illuminates and passes by the groves.
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Stop and smell or perhaps stare at the pretty cherry blossom flowers by yasaka shrine.

Kyoto perhaps has become a solace for anyone seeking to make out wishes, engaging in beautiful, silent, and relevant pauses and pursuing endless yet promising paths.




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